After I have purchased my subscription, how do I read my magazines?

If you haven't yet installed the Texture app, you'll need to do that in order to read magazines. After you've downloaded and installed the app, sign in with your Texture account.

How do I add magazines to my library?

After subscribing and downloading the app on any platform, sign in. On iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® tap the star on each magazine you would like to add to your favourites.

Is the Texture application available in French?

Yes it is! Please change your settings on your iPad® in French to get the full experience.

What are top stories that are classified as "Early Access"?

Early Access is a special feature of Texture. As a customer of Texture you have exclusive access to these articles before the magazine in which the article appears is available in print or online!

When I try to update my account or billing information for my (US) account, I get redirected to www.textureca as I am currently in Canada. How can I access from here?​

Please use the following links to update your account or billing information.  Please note that the final ‘/‘ in each link is required: If you are still having difficulties, please Contact Texture Support.

How many magazine issues do I get during my 30-day free trial?

It depends on the magazine and the plan you are on: some magazines are published once a month, some are published twice a month, while others publish every week. You will receive all new issues of the magazine published within the 30-day period. Plus you get access to back issues.

Why can't I see the Texture app on iTunes?

The Texture app is available to users who are 17 or older - please check parental controls on your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® to confirm your settings support 17+ content access. Settings > General > Restrictions > Apps

Where can I get the Texture app?

Once you've signed up for a plan on the Texture website, visit the appropriate app store from your device to download the Texture app. Use the same log in you used to create your account online and start reading!

Why is Texture no longer available on Windows?

Texture is an all-access pass to the world's best magazines. To keep things working smoothly, older versions of the app sometimes need to be retired. As of June 30th, 2018, the Texture Windows app is no longer available. Texture will continue to be available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Fire HD tablets.

Is Texture available on desktop?

We do not have a desktop app, however you still have full access to Texture on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Fire HD tablets. You'll find additional features on these platforms such as bookmarking, featured stories, search, and more.